14 Aug 2014 – Printlamp introduction movie

Filmed in an old building from 1942 in Rotterdam, this video introduces the Printlamp. Using some great techniques, Wilbert Eerland (wilberteerland.nl), managed to communicate the essence of the lamp in this short and impressive video.

27 May 2014 – Bouwlamp Concrete Production

In this video, several days of work are chopped down to just 4 minutes. Showing you large part of the production process that was needed to create the 1st prototype of the Bouwlamp which has a concrete lampshade.

30 April 2014 – 3D Printing the Bouwlamp Prototype

To create the concrete part of the new design, first a mold has to be made. Here we see the printing of 1 half of the total 3D print which took 34 hours! The mold will be formed around the total 3D print so the concrete can later be cast into this mold.

21 March 2014 – ┬áLaser cutting the No19

Here we see a short clip of how parts from the No19 lamp are being laser cut out of an MDF plate. You can see that the parts are “nested” which means that there is minimal material waste. The MDF is FSC certified and made out of fast growing trees, making it a sustainable resources for this product.







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